Thursday, May 15, 2014

you spin me right round baby right round....

long time no post! to say that things have changed would be so misleading. enter in drug use, infidelity, and a whole butt-ton of money and you've got the latest 45 spinning. now, i'm not going to mention any names because that would not be polite. i won't even list specifics so i can protect those involved and my family. 

but, what i will say is this: "really?!"

yes, again...during a recent controversy it was discovered that some infidelity had occurred. while defending the other half of that equation, someone had the nerve, yet again, to bring me up. her question was: "well, how do you know that's not what YOUR wife is doing while YOU'RE at work?" ex-bleepin-cuse me?! i have a special needs child that doesn't sleep through the night. when on earth would i have time for THAT?!

it is unfortunate that this family had to experience this turn of events yet at the same time i am glad certain things came to the surface. it is unfortunate that my husband had to learn what type of person his mother is yet at the same time i am glad he had to learn what type of person his mother is.

it has undoubtedly shaken this family to its epicenter and a lot of relationships that already hung on by a thread were severed completely. there is no respect. there is still love because, lets face it. God says we are to love everyone. that being said, He didn't say that we had to "like" everyone. if you have stepped out in good faith to repair a relationship only to be insulted time and time again, let them go. and it is sad that we have to have things this way. it's all a fallacy; every last bit of it.

on the plus side, a relationship that had suffered a lot before all this happened is being transformed into something special again. it's definitely not where it could be, but it certainly is not where it was. no doubt it took a terrible circumstance to come about, but i'd say things are looking up....and that, that makes me happy =)

until we meet again...

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