Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ho hum.....

i guess after all is said and done, i should really not be all that surprised. i think the harder thing to let go of is the fact that maybe they are not personally avoiding me, but rather circumstances in their own lives have taken them away because they are more important than an acquaintance-ship with me. that is cool. i totally get that. but it still hurts. so the woman from the neighboring county? never bothered to call me back after i had left her two messages. and the other one? well, i understand, people are busy and we definitely do not lead normal lives, lol. but i think the one thing that really bothers me is the fact that, if you really want nothing to do with me, just say so. it will hurt a lot less that way...

especially when it leads me to think that it is me and i have personally offended them by trying to be a friend. i am sorry. oh well. i know that God has other plans in store for me if these friends do not work out. it will all be okay

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