Friday, June 3, 2011

groundhog day...

man i love that movie...except when i feel that I am the one reliving it over and over again...
things with kylee have not improved in the slightest. matter of fact the school informs me that they classified her as having autism. okay, i can live with that. what i cannot live with is the constant merry-go-round i seem to be on with them because of this classification. we were referred to the broome regional center for her to be properly diagnosed. well, enter charlie heesh. yep...big help they are...let's see, i contacted them at the beginning of april and STILL have no word! gees! so, i took matters into my own hands and made her an appointment with dr. dempsey. he is a child and youth psychiatrist in vestal. now, he has seen her for five weeks and we will have an answer from him on tuesday. thank God, i cannot stand this waiting! on one hand, i am really hoping that he tells me she doesn't have autism. but, on the other hand, i am hoping she does so we can get her straightened out and get her the help she really needs. this school is running a cracker jack operation at best...the events over the past few days have been much. apparently she kicked another student, i'm not exactly sure, but she ran. well of course, she didn't want to get yelled at! well, it was the matter in which she hid that has them saying that now she doesn't have autism. okay, make up your minds. you're already not following the iep so, what they hey, right? ugh! i am so frustrated with these people!
i am also frustrated with myself though and what seems to be the fact that i am not raising her the way i should be. she is rude and disruptive in school, refuses to do her work, and manipulates her way out of it almost daily. then the speech teacher says to me, "we don't see those behaviors in autism". ok. then tell me, how can I a layman so to speak, go home and google autism and behavioral issues or autism and manipulation and come up with answers that support her behavior? "well, she's very smart and i think that she is manipulating because she knows she can." yeah, she can. and you let her get away with it. like i told the principal yesterday during our wonderful hour long meeting, i need to know where that fine line is between her knowing and not knowing what she's doing. yes, she knows when she's being bad. no, other times she does not. what to do, what to do?
thankfully, i am meeting with dr. dempsey on tuesday and i pray to God that he gives us the right diagnosis. this has gone on long enough.

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