Saturday, August 29, 2009


okay...seriously? why does everything have to suck all at the same time? work sucks, life trying to deal wtih kylee sucks. i mean, i broke down when i read about some lady having to put her beagle down for pete's sake...what gives? i have been such an emotional wreck since i've had my iud taken out. it sucks. i love God now, don't get me wrong, but as i told erin, i think we're having an argument right now. she says it's hard giving up control. i say it's hard giving up control when you don't really have to begin with...i have nearly completely lost my mind where kylee is concerned. she doesn't listen, she freaks out over the smallest changes to what she's expecting, and i am so stressed. then you've got work, where lou is completely losing anything and i hope to never be where he is right now. it's quite hard for me to get over my hatred for him. i know as a christian you're not supposed to hate yet i find it almost unbearable...especially now after the way he freaked out on me. that totally and completely ticked me off......i guess all that's needed now is some pavement hitting......

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